Virtual Escape Room

This is the new trend in the team building world, and it's amazing !

You can now organize a team building activity that will take place 100% online, where the participants will work together remotely. You will create teams of 3 to 8 persons and each team will compete to be the first one to escape the egyptian "pyramid". Team members will communicate with each other in order to solve a series of clues and challenges (without an organized collaboration no team can NOT succeed...). All groups will be supervised by our Game Master who will motivate and give assistace if and when needed.

In this Escape Room Team Building game, you will have to virtually enter a recently discovered pyramid to discover which Pharaoh is buried there. But there are many rooms to visit before finding the right one, all with different clues and challenges! You'll have to explore all the details of each room in order to advance to the centre of the pyramid. And then... you'll have to find your way out!

This is a great team building activity that can also be customized to your needs and expectations. We could even upgrade it to a more formal game where our professional coach will analyze the different teams and the way they work together (communication, leadership, stress management, time management, strategy, etc). 

Who's it for?

This online escape room game is an ideal team building activity for corporate groups looking for a remote and 100% safe activity, combining team work, strategy and a lot of fun.